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A little story about sunscreen….

For her birthday, I gave my dear friend, an Elta MD 41 tinted sunscreen as I knew she was spending 2 weeks in Florida and then one week on a cruise. She is very fare, blond and gets freckles in the sun. Here is a text she sent me from her cruise

“Hey Sher, remember you gave me some sunscreen in a tube? Not sure what brand it was but….AMAZING I’m not feeling any sun effects in the Caribbean. Thank you my girl.

You’re very welcome!!

The question we get all the time is:

“what do I look like right after a peel?”

Not everyone peels and some are really peelie (my word). Everyone responds differently. However once we’ve have the chance to give you a couple, we understand your skin better and can start customizing the peel for your skin type.

This is me at day 3. I don’t plan on going to a wedding or special function on a weekend before a peel. But for the inconvenience of a few days of flaking, you will love how your makeup goes on and how your products work after.

Our goal: get compliments on your skin