Active Facials

Our active facials are hand picked for your individual needs and ready for your special day. These facials are not a peel but a treatment with gentle active ingredients for exfoliating, hydrating and stimulating. You will leave with a glow, ready in a few hours for any special occasion.

Red Carpet Facial

Not a peel, more than facial.

An Intensive warm resurfacing masque is applied and then followed by the application of a cool soothing and rejuvenating masque. Your senses are awakened as they are filled with aromas of warm cinnamon spice and brisk cool peppermint. Perfect for the day before an event, when you want “Red carpet ready” skin.

Raspberry Enzyme Peel

Removes buildup and helps brighten, clarify and calms and softens the skin. Great for sensitive, acne prone or aging skin.



When you need to be "Red Carpet Ready" by tomorrow!