in your 40s

In our flirty 40’s, our skin becomes thinner therefore more prone to sun damage.  The expression lines around our eyes and forehead seem to linger.  Our tone and texture starts to change dramatically and the browns and reds in our skin become more prominent.  Lasers are a great way to eliminate brown spots, reduce your reds and create a brighter and more luminous look.  Laser, in combination with Peels, will result in home care products working better and make-up going on smoother.  Get ready for the compliments!

Sherlase Clinic services to consider when you’re in your 40s:

Janet Colbourne

Everyone I have referred to Sherlase Clinic have been so amazed by the experience and they cannot believe they would love the results as much


Heather Vaters

I find the clinic’s atmosphere and staff refreshing and welcoming. Its spa-like design is instantly relaxing. The staff are all well informed and happy to


Katherine Strain

My first visit to Sherlase was a year before my 40th birthday. I had a few concerns with my crows’ feet and some acne scarring.