in your 40s

In our flirty 40’s, our skin becomes thinner therefore more prone to sun damage.  The expression lines around our eyes and forehead seem to linger.  Our tone and texture starts to change dramatically and the browns and reds in our skin become more prominent.  Lasers are a great way to eliminate brown spots, reduce your reds and create a brighter and more luminous look.  Laser, in combination with Peels, will result in home care products working better and make-up going on smoother.  Get ready for the compliments!

Sherlase Clinic services to consider when you’re in your 40s:

Dianne DeMenezes-Erme

I loved and believed in the clinic so much so that I started working there! Client turned employee. My skin is better now in my


Kapil Khan

Being a person whose career is in the fashion industry and where it is imperative that we always look our best, I feel it is


Pauline Metauro

I have been with Sherlase Clinic since 2004 and feel as though they treat me like they would treat their family. They respect all my