in your 50s

As we step into our fabulous 50’s, our skin has undergone a considerable amount of collagen, elastin and bone loss leading to sagging.  At this time, dermal fillers in conjunction with Botox are an option for a more youthful appearance.  Medical facial treatments such as Peels and Laser Skin Treatments are highly recommended.  Hormone levels start to lower therefore our skin is dryer and cannot get enough moisture!
It’s a great time to add a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid into your skin care regime.

Sherlase Clinic services to consider when you’re in your 50s:

Heidi Spiar

Sherlase helped clear up my skin, close my pores, shed dry skin, erase fine lines. I felt well looked after, treated like a Queen –


Lynn James

I have always believed I should be the best I can at every age and turning 50 was no different. The Red Carpet Facial Treatment


Silvia Cuccovillo

After I have a consultation with Maria I felt very confident that I was in the right place. Looking after my concerns, she took the