Laser Vein Treatment in Markham, Ontario

Laser Vein Therapy is an effective and safe laser treatment that helps reduce unsightly veins on the face, legs or anywhere on the body.

Laser leg vein removal works by selectively heating vein walls until they collapse and seal shut.  The sealed vein is then absorbed by the body over a period of months.
Using light energy that transmits as heat, our laser heats the blood in the unwanted vessels causing them to dry out and fade.  A special cooling tip provides additional safety.

Many people suffer with unattractive blood vessels called spider veins. These unsightly veins can occur in different areas of the body, and although they do carry blood, the majority of these vessels are unnecessary and unsightly.

Laser vein treatment is highly effective for those veins around the nose and cheeks and small red spots on the body, including Cherry Angiomas.


Nose Veins- presentation

Vein Nose-presentation

Our clients come for our laser vein treatment from across southern Ontario including: Uxbridge, Durham, Oshawa, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Ajax, Vaughan, Stoufville, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Brooklyn, Pickering, Markham, Scarborough, Whitby.

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