Matrix IR™ Laser Fractional Wrinkle Treatment

The combined energies of elōs™ technology precisely heat the connective tissue within the target treatment area. This stimulates collagen production and produces a younger skin appearance. Mild to moderate wrinkles are reduced, and the texture of your skin becomes more smooth and elastic.

Most patients start to notice improvement of wrinkles between 2-3 treatment sessions. Some patients note improvement even after the first treatment. A series of 3-6 treatments is usually required to maximize the beneficial results.


Why are multiple treatments necessary?

Depending on the number of conditions you are treating, and the severity of the individual problem, a series of five or six treatment sessions may be recommended. You can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities. By dividing the full program into several treatments, the procedure provides gradual improvement with very low risk — and, it preserves the wonderful “no downtime” feature that people appreciate so much.

We have payment plan options available and thrive on providing the best results within your budget.