Matrix RF™ Laser Skin Treatment

The next generation of safe and effective fractional technology for all skin pigmentations.

Smooth out the lines of time and achieve a more youthful appearance with Matrix RF fractional skin resurfacing.

Matrix RF (Sublative RF) effectively treats wrinkles, red and brown spots and textural irregularities by targeting the selected skin areas via a grid of tiny matrix spots.

RF stands for Radio Frequency. With this treatment, RF energy is precisely directed to tiny spots on selected areas of the skin. The healthy skin around the spots accelerates your skin’s natural healing process. Post-treatment, your skin will have increased levels of collagen and produce new healthy skin cells.



Mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations are reduced, and the texture of your skin becomes more smooth and elastic.

Typical treatment protocol is 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart.
The total number of required treatment sessions depends on your skin’s condition.

“This is one of my favorite treatments. The results are very noticeable after the first one and I often receive compliment a few weeks later. After your treatment, you will need 2 to 4 days before you will want to do anything special, however you can use makeup 24 hours after your treatment… its worth it”
Sheri, Owner

For people who are serious about their skin