Dianne DeMenezes-Erme

I loved and believed in the clinic so much so that I started working there! Client turned employee. My skin is better now in my late 40’s than it ever was in my 20’s or 30’s.

Kapil Khan

Being a person whose career is in the fashion industry and where it is imperative that we always look our best, I feel it is critical to not just be trendy but also to present our best selves. I have turned to Sherlase Clinic to help achieve that goal. Their service is unmatchable and the treatments available to be are second to none. I would recommend them to any and all of my colleagues and family.

Pauline Metauro

I have been with Sherlase Clinic since 2004 and feel as though they treat me like they would treat their family. They respect all my concerns and are never pushy when it comes to selling. They make me and my needs their number one priority and always set me on a perfect path based on what my skin needs. Best services, best products, best clinic in Markham hands down!

Jan Corbett

I’ve been visiting the clinic for over 10 years now and have had numerous different treatments for my face. My profession forces me to be in the sun and even covered up, it takes a toll. Thank goodness for Sherlase and all they do for me to keep me looking and feeling my best!

Shalini Bhardwaj

I wasn’t sure about what I needed or wanted but when I finally made my way to the clinic, I was pleasantly surprised at how professional yet very informative, helpful, kind and inviting everyone was! It was a ‘no pressure’ atmosphere which made me feel more confident that I had made the right choice in who I will take my skin journey with.

Marci Lall

I’m a businessman with pressing deadlines and long hours. Sherlase was able to work with me to fit in treatments at lunchtime allowing me to be at the next meeting on time and without any signs of where I had just come from. The treatments have been amazing and the results are exactly what I had hoped for. Will be a long standing fan of the clinic and will be sure to continue visiting them for new treatments to keep me at by best me.

Katelyn Ramrattan

When you’re a full time student and working at the same time, it’s not always easy to get enough sleep. I started having treatments because my skin was dull and I was looking tired. Still a student and working but I look bright and renewed around the clock now!

Heidi Spiar

Sherlase helped clear up my skin, close my pores, shed dry skin, erase fine lines.

I felt well looked after, treated like a Queen – they were as excited as I was to see the results.

Their approach is professional, skilled, ethical, GREAT customer service, patient, experienced – makes treatment experience wonderful and I feel special and glamourous. Great for self-esteem. Having the owner on-site is great.

Johanna Meharg

Sun damage on my face was eliminated. The wonderful attention I get from all the staff is amazing. They are very caring, nurturing and professional. Of course I would recommend Sherlase!

Cathy Walker

I love that Sherlase takes the time to educate me so that I can make informed decisions about the treatments I choose.

I love that people regularly comment on how great my skin looks and that they always think I’m younger that I am! Hooray! I feel better knowing that I look better.

I am always comfortable and confident that the people doing the treatments are qualified and experienced.

Yes, I always recommend Sherlase.

Kelley Millage

Sheri and her team looked at my skin, assessed it and recommended a treatment. I felt immediate comfort and confidence in their recommendation. I have used the Obagi treatment for 6 months and the difference in my skin (face) is incredible. I loved the fact that their approach is gentle and suggestive. My experience was unique to me and at 50 years old it was the first time I took the time to take care of myself. I am happy to say it is now a part of my yearly budget. I have recommended Sherlase to every woman that has commented on how great my skin looks. Thanks Sheri.

Ashleigh Millage

My experiences with Sherlase have always been fantastic! My treatments have been successful, my skin feels amazing. I would definitely recommend others to Sherlase.


I was looking for another clinic as I was not happy with the treatment results I was getting at a clinic in Yorkville. I went for consultations at other clinics in Markham, but as soon as I walked into Sherlase, I felt more comfortable than I ever did downtown. I was able to get all the answers I needed and best of all, there was an open discussion about price. I have never had to argue about whether a promotion applied – the other spas can be like phone companies that way. I am so much happier with the treatments I received at Sherlase, and the professional yet easy going atmosphere is the icing on the cake. I would definitely recommend Sherlase to anyone looking for any type of cosmetic treatment or advice.

Jessica Jannorone

I had always said I was a person who loved my laugh lines and was ok with my skin, until one day I looked in the mirror and just felt tired. I have a demanding job, 2 children and no time. A friend suggested Dr. Rotstein and she was wonderful. She listened and understood what I wanted and completely put me at ease. A week or so later someone at work told me I looked bright and refreshed. Exactly what I was looking for – perfect!


I appreciate the professional, confidential approach – and no pushy sales like other shops.

Katherine Strain

My first visit to Sherlase was a year before my 40th birthday. I had a few concerns with my crows’ feet and some acne scarring. The service and staff are amazing, and 2 years later I still come back. Friends have commented on how great my skin looks and people are shocked to find out I’m 41. I have recommended the services to a couple of friends who have made appointments and they too have been happy with their results. Sherlase treats their clients like family. I highly recommend Sherlase Clinic.

Heather Vaters

I find the clinic’s atmosphere and staff refreshing and welcoming. Its spa-like design is instantly relaxing. The staff are all well informed and happy to spend the extra time answering questions and making sure you have all the information need about any given procedure. I highly recommend Sherlase to everyone!!

Silvia Cuccovillo

After I have a consultation with Maria I felt very confident that I was in the right place. Looking after my concerns, she took the time to explain to me the stages involved as well she explained the different options. In the end she recommend an option – not the most expensive one – for me and I was surprised, this has not happened to me before. My concerns were well taken care of by Sherlase Clinic – thank you!

Heather Campbell

My experience at Sherlase over the years has been nothing but “all good.” The staff are always pleasant and honest with my needs. I feel comfortable and confident. I trust. Also, the products available to purchase are reasonable and excellent quality.

Thank you Sheri for building this success!!

Armineh Gasparian

The photorejuvenation treatment helped me to get rid of dark spots and the PCA peels have helped exfoliate the surface of my skin. I am very pleased with the result and I highly recommend the clinic to my friends and family.

Judy Young

I’ve been coming to Sherlase for years. I have never had a bad experience. The staff is terrific from the time you walk in the door.

Garry Millage

Thanks to Sherlase I understand the importance of proper skin care following years of (innocent) mismanagement with the sun. Sherlase brought my skin “back to life” and literally took years off with a few simple treatments. I highly recommend – and I intend to keep going.

Doug Soper

Since I am over 60 and have fair skin I had numerous brown age spots. Sherlase treated them with laser which has reduced them to being barely visible. Remarkable! The detailed explanation for the nature of the procedure and the likely results was most appreciated. Very informal yet informative approach by the staff I dealt with. I would definitely recommend Sherlase to friends and family.

Lynn James

I have always believed I should be the best I can at every age and turning 50 was no different. The Red Carpet Facial Treatment at Sherlase is one of my secret weapons for doing just that. Look out 50s here I come.

Alina Radeau

Even though I only became a Sherlase Client 2 years ago I was very impressed with all the professionalism and with Sheri’s person approach to her clients. I would recommend Sherlase anytime to all my friends. Thank you Sheri for all your support over the little time we have known one another, you are making me beautiful everyday by just knowing you.

Jo Zadorsky Ivens

My skin problem is sun damage – uneven skin tones, rosacea, skin cancer scarring. My unique experience was that something sounding like it would be hurtful “a peel” actually involved no pain at all. It was a soothing, non-invasive treatment that left my face smooth and moisturized. Sherlase’ approach is one that takes into account your skin history and problem areas and finds the best approach or method to treat you. I highly recommend them as a very professional environment with knowledgeable staff and a friendly atmosphere.

Jacqui Doyle

Sherlase Clinic is commitment to quality. The staff are very professional and friendly. I know I can trust their services and products.

I have been going to Sherlase clinic for over 12 years and I am delighted with the results!!

Janet Colbourne

Everyone I have referred to Sherlase Clinic have been so amazed by the experience and they cannot believe they would love the results as much as they do. Most are afraid at first that enhancing themselves will look unnatural, but quickly forget any reservations they ever had and become long term, repeat clients. Thanks Sheri and your wonderful team for taking great care of me over the years!

Gerel Pavlova

I had the Red Carpet face treatment at Sherlase clinic last month and I was extremely thrilled about my results! My face has never been so soft and smooth. Esthetician Maria is amazing and highly professional. She explained the benefits of the having quality home skin care products, which would help me to keep my skin in great condition. I would recommend Sherlase clinic to anyone for skin care treatments or product and I will definitely go back to try their other services.


I started really looking after my skin a few months ago because I keep hearing that prevention is the best method where skin care is concerned. The team at Sherlase clinic is so welcoming and has given me so much amazing information – I can say that I now know what treatments are right for me at my age, and which products are the best to keep my skin looking and feeling fresh and youthful. I only trust the staff at Sherlase to care for my skin; they are gentle, and don’t try to over-sell me on treatments I don’t need at my age.


There have always been little things about my skin that bothered me, but as I started aging, they became more and more noticeable every time I looked in the mirror.  Once I made the decision to seek out some help to get rid of the imperfections and find out what was the best way for me to slow down the aging, Sherlase clinic was the perfect solution.  A relaxed environment with no pressure at all, they listened to my concerns, gave me their professional opinion, took into account my budget, and came up with a plan we were both excited about!