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Over time, everyone's hands inevitably reveal signs of aging – from unavoidable brown spots to wrinkles and thin, loose skin that accentuates visible veins. Beyond diligently protecting your hands with sunscreen and moisturizers, what additional steps can you take? Enter the unique solution of Radiesse filler for hands, a treatment designed to restore youthful plumpness to the back of your hands, reducing wrinkles and concealing prominent veins.

This cosmetic dermal filler, commonly employed for facial contouring, shares a similar enduring effect when used for hands. For those pondering how to address the aging appearance of their hands, the following provides a brief overview of what to anticipate with Radiesse injections.


Pre-Treatment Considerations

As with any cosmetic procedure, your journey begins with an initial consultation  Discussions will cover your goals, desired outcomes, and relevant medical history that may impact the success of Radiesse filler for hands treatment. Instructions and recommendations for the days leading up to the procedure will be provided, including simple tasks such as avoiding specific medications and alcohol in the days preceding.

During the Procedure

The administration of Radiesse filler for hands is a relatively straightforward process. The appointment initiates with a thorough cleaning of the injection area. Subsequently, the use of a local anesthetic or numbing cream ensures your complete comfort throughout each injection. Following each injection of the filler, the treatment site undergoes gentle massage to guarantee even distribution under the skin.

Post-Treatment Period

Most patients report minimal to no post-treatment side effects and can often return to work the same day if necessary. Any temporary discomfort subsides quickly. Thanks to Radiesse's unique longevity, you can relish in the rejuvenation of your hands, enjoying a more youthful appearance for many months to come.

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