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Sexual Enhancement & Urinary Incontinence

Sexual Enhancement:
Our clinic offers a non-invasive solution for sexual enhancement using the Emsella Chair, a breakthrough treatment that utilizes electromagnetic energy to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, enhancing sexual function. This comfortable, fully clothed treatment encourages increased blood flow and muscle tightening, which can lead to improved sensitivity and stronger orgasms for a more satisfying sexual experience.

Urinary Incontinence:
The Emsella Chair is also highly effective in treating urinary incontinence. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles through focused electromagnetic waves, which can lead to better control over bladder function. This therapy is especially beneficial for postpartum recovery and for those who have experienced weakening of the pelvic muscles due to age or other factors. With the Emsella Chair, patients can expect a significant improvement in their quality of life, often seeing results after a few sessions.

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Emsella Chair

The Emsella Chair is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment that utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM) to stimulate pelvic floor muscles, enhancing strength and stability. It's effective for both sexual enhancement and urinary incontinence, offering a comfortable experience with no downtime.