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The Best Facial for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin that reacts to everything? We know the feeling. We also understand that finding the right facial treatment can be a challenge. Our Calming and Soothing Facial designed specifically to care for your sensitive skin.

Our expert estheticians use gentle Nelly De Vuyst facial products tailored especially for sensitive skin to ensure your complexion is nurtured and soothed without discomfort or irritation.

No matter if you have dry skin, normal skin, combination skin or even oily skin. You can be sensitive or reactive. You can be rest assured that all the facial products used in this treatment are formulated to reduce inflammation and calm angry skin, making it ideal for those with rosacea or easily irritated skin.

Experience the rejuvenating, skin health benefits of our Calming and Soothing Facial.

Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment with Deep Cleansing and Exfoliation

For those with sensitive skin, the thought of deep cleansing and exfoliation may be daunting. You worry about your skin's appearance after you're done. All you want is clean, radiant skin without looking worse after the facial than you did before.

How is this treatment different? For one thing, all the products are extremely gentle and designed for skin that reacts easily. There's no aggressive exfoliation here. There are no harsh chemicals or irritants.

In fact, it's not just a facial but more like a clinical treatment designed to address the underlying causes of skin irritation.

With our Calming and Soothing Facial, you can rest assured that your skin will be safely deep-cleaned and exfoliated using the gentlest cleansers and exfoliants. To protect your sensitive skin after the treatment, we'll apply a soothing moisturizer with hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Finally, you can say goodbye to clogged pores and dull skin, and hello to a fresh, glowing complexion. Trust our experts to provide a soothing experience that will give you calm skin and healthy appearance, no matter your skin type.

What You Can Expect with the Calming and Soothing Facial

When booking a Calming and Soothing Facial, you can expect a fully customized experience. All our facials begin with a thorough skin consultation to help us choose the right products for your treatment.

Your facialist will assess your specific needs and concerns, ensuring a highly personalized and thoughtful treatment plan for you.

We will ask detailed questions such as what are you sensitive skin concerns? Are you prone to acne? Are you seeing a dermatologist? What is your sensitive skin routine at home? Plus other pertinent questions to determine your other skin concerns.

We're used to dealing with reactive skin and in fact, most sensitive skin issues. Our goal is to alleviate any symptoms of redness, inflammation and skin irritation to achieve clear skin and a radiant complexion

Furthermore, skin that's angry and inflamed can appear years older. By soothing irritation, this treatment is perfect for those looking to address signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, especially those with mature skin types.

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60 minutes - $150

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