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Best Body Scrub Near Me, Markham

Makes your skin 'smooth as silk!' This luxurious body treatment features a full body exfoliation using Dead Sea salt and aromatherapy. Fragrant essential oils envelop your senses as the scrub removes dead skin cells while smoothing skin texture.

Experience the ultimate pampering spa treatment. Our Sea Salt Body Polish is guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated and renewed. It's ideal before a vacation or special occasion for a radiant glow and revitalized skin.

Skin Benefits of a Body Scrub Treatment

Why indulge in a Sea Salt Body Polish? There's a multitude of cosmetic benefits for your skin's appearance, and even one that's beneficial to your health.

Our favourite benefit is the salt scrub acts as a natural exfoliant, gently removing dry, flaky and rough skin to reveal a buttery soft texture. 'Smooth as silk' as we like to say.

Additionally, we slather your body with rich body lotion after the scrub to moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, nourished and glowing.

Salt Scrub Health Benefits

Finally, the vigorous massaging action during application helps with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, promoting a healthful radiance to the skin.

Book a Registered Massage Therapy session after your Sea Salt Body Polish for the ultimate in deep-tissue relaxation.

Go ahead and indulge! Incorporating a salt scrub into your body care routine can help to maintain a healthy skin tone and luminous appearance.

Is a Body Scrub Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Salt, it's scratchy. You may think it's not appropriate for your highly sensitive skin. It's normal to feel this way. When it comes to body exfoliation treatments, many people in your position may be wary of trying a salt scrub.

The good news is that even those with the most sensitive complexions can enjoy the benefits of a sea salt body polish. For one thing, our salts are finely ground, making them extremely gentle during the exfoliation process. Plus we use only 100% natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin.

Finally, if you have overly reactive skin that scratches and marks easily, be sure to inform your aesthetician so they can adjust the pressure to make you feel comfortable during the treatment.

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Contact us to book an appointment at Sherlase Body Exfoliation Treatment Spa to learn more about the Sea Salt Body Polish in Markham near Toronto, ON.

45 minutes - $150

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