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Remove Toxins and Detoxify with Seaweed Wrap

The Seaweed Body Wrap remains a favourite body treatment today thanks to its relaxing and detoxifying properties.

Making your feel comfortable and relaxed is our number one goal. Your treatment begins as your full body is enveloped in a detoxifying blend of seaweed and essential oils. Next, you are cocooned inside a warm, relaxing wrap that removes toxins, removes dead skin cells and firms the skin.

This luxurious treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on the world with a newfound sense of energy and vitality.

Benefits of a Seaweed Body Wrap

We live in a toxic environment. Pollution, smoking and many other environmental factors can cause our skin and bodies to become congested and store toxins. Our Seaweed Body Wrap treatment is designed to detox pollutants through your skin, helping to purify your body.

The seaweed body treatment also helps to slough away dry, flaky skin and dead skin cells, leaving your body smooth, hydrated and feeling silky soft to the touch. There's no better feeling than a renewed sense of self.

Detox Skin Treatment for Any Occasion

If you're currently undergoing weight loss or committed to a fitness plan, the Seaweed Body Wrap is a great complement, helping to firm skin and tighten body contours. We recommend booking it every month as part of your weight loss journey.

During the winter months, book the detox Seaweed Body Wrap to help boost your immune system, helping to prevent the seasonal cold and flu. Your full body will feel healthier and more invigorated!

Maybe you want to experience a seaweed wrap as part of a full body massage, spa package or girls' spa escape. You can enjoy all the health benefits of a body wrap while relaxing at the same time.

Contact us to book an appointment for the Seaweed Body Wrap at Sherlase Spa in Markham near Toronto, ON.

90 minutes - $250

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